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About KlickRentals Kolkata


With India on fast track towards Economic Boom, cities are emerging dynamically. Economic and social landscape is changing with professionals being placed in a high profile job, and relocating.


In this scenario, buying a property isn’t always an option in new city, making rental accommodation a lucrative alternative.


The general perception about renting a home is colored with tedious processesinvolving slow estate agents, mountain of paperwork, unrealistic demands for securities, and shabby apartments.


To this effect, browsing through the traditional sites is no longer a recommended approach as brokers and brokerage debates comeattached. The resultant processcan be very taxing especially in an unknown city, unknown locations and with unknown people.


After a careful consideration of the real need and challenges, and to fulfill the same, Klickrentalshas decided to rise up with a solution for every rental property seeker.


Klickrentals.com is a portal where the owner and tenant can interact directly without any intervention of middle man or brokerage. Klickrentals.com provides a symbiotic platform for the owners and beneficial in identifying the right property right owner and right tenant with a simple Klick.


Klickrentals.com is a quickfix solution of residential requirement among the migrating community.We understand the hardship faced by the rental accommodation seeking community.


With a team of experienced team members and bank of verified real estate properties; Klickrentals.com assures you a pleasant experience in property search.